Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The Other Side of the Quilt

I'll be honest -  pieced backs are not my favorite aspect of a quilt.  While I love the look, the work involved is sometimes a bit more than I want to deal with right after finishing up the top.  So if it's a baby quilt, I just dial it in and use one piece of fabric.  I have four kids six and under.  Something's got to give.

For a bigger quilt, though, it's time to put on my big-girl sewing pants and piece.  I like for my backs to be simple and somehow reference the front.  So here are some of my personal favorites -

This back is from a quilt I made two years ago for a dear friend who was moving.  I love the two large panels with the vertical piece in the middle, taken directly from the front of the quilt. 

This next quilt was also made two years ago, for another dear friend who moved.  Again, it has two large panels with a pieced bit in the middle.  This time, the hourglasses loosely referenced the triangles from the front.
 This next back was for a baby quilt (my only pieced back ever for a baby quilt - you can tell it was a very good friend!).  This one was a joint effort with Amy over at amylouwhosews.  Maybe that's why I pieced the back - she quilted and bound this one!
This quilt is one I made last year for my niece.  Again, two large panels (anyone noticing a pattern here?) with some triangles, leftovers from the front.  I kind of really love this quilt, and Kate Spain's amazing Central Park fabric.
 This last back comes from a current WIP.  This time, I went with two horizontal panels (mixing it up a bit!) with a pieced strip using leftovers from the front.  I love Ruby by Bonnie and Camille.  I also love this quilt :)
And there you have it - all the pieced backs I've ever done.  All five of them ;)  Maybe one day I'll branch out and try something different for my backs.  Time to go visit Katie over at Swim Bike Quilt for some inspiration!

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Kate Spain said...


Love seeing your creations.

Thanks for including some of the lovely Moda fabrics featuring my designs (Fandango and Central Park) in your lovely quilts.

Shine on!