Thursday, July 5, 2012

Just Three for June and July

Whew - June was a busy month around here!  I'm pretty thrilled, though, that I was able to get some things done.  Nothing big, mind you, but still my sewing machine was certainly not neglected this month.


#1 - Make another skirt - Done!  See here for the rest of the story.  And, I've already lopped off the bottom, awkward tier and worn it out and about for date night with my husband.  Double done :)
#2 - Make and apron - Done!  I don't have any photographic evidence, but it was finished and worn for its intended purpose.

#3 - Work on something else - Done!  I started a snowball quilt For. Myself. using Kate Spain's first line, Verna.  Here's what I've accomplished so far.  When I bought the fabric two years ago, I loved it.  Now, I wish I had waited for Bonnie and Camille's Ruby line to come out (my current favorite fabric crush), but the fabric is still nice, and it's paid for while Ruby is currently still in the store.  Oh, well.  Maybe it's time to swap some of my Neptune???


#1 - Make a skirt for my daughter.  She's been dying for me to make her a skirt since I made mine, so it's time to get that done.  As an added bonus, she's only three and she's skinny, so it should be a quick finish.  Much less gathering than mine.

#2 - Work on something else - I could continue working on my quilt or start my husband's quilt.  Who knows.  But something fun.

#3 - Having fun - I'm taking my cue from Tracey here.  We're heading out of town later this month, and none of the kids are in school right now.  So, to be realistic, I don't have a lot of quiet sewing time for the next little while.  But, we've been blueberry picking, had a fun 4th, and the beach is calling us.  There will be plenty of time for sewing in the fall.

This past month was productive - I was three-for-three!  Here's hoping this month proves as productive!
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