Friday, July 1, 2011

Haylee's Quilt

Another month, another friend moving away. This is one of the major downsides to being the civilian in a military town - your friends all move away every three years. The upside is that new, fabulous friends also move in every year.

Anyway, Haylee has been a great friend these past three years. She was always there when I needed someone and was always understanding and sympathetic of the joys of lots of little kids (she has five!). She also helped throw the baby shower for my last not-so-little one. She and her family left last week for a new duty station, and I couldn't see her off empty-handed. So I made this.I had this idea to use a layer cake of Freebird by Momo and Kona Bone for the HSTs, so I started cruising Flickr for inspirations. I found this, which was exactly what I was thinking about and fabulous, and so I went with it.The quilting was simple - just echo quilting 1/4" away from the seams, only on the Bone side.My favorite part of the quilting is the tiny triangles it made in the corners of each large triangle.For my pieced backing, I used a few extra HSTs to make hourglass blocks. I love how the hourglass blocks reference the front without copying it directly. I love the back :)The binding is one of the simple egg-polka dots from that line.Happily, Haylee liked the quilt as much I did. Though if I hear she has it in a closet somewhere, afraid to use it for fear of getting it dirty, I may just take it back. It's a good one.Go check out all the other lovelies at Sew n Tell Friday!