Friday, June 25, 2010


I recently finished up two more quilts! These were for newborn twins that Chad's brother and sister-in-law recently adopted. I wanted to make them each their own quilt, but yet keep them similar as a nod to them being twins. So, I used the same fabric but with a different pattern for each.

Some quilts go together really quickly and fabulously, like this one. I'll be using this pattern again for sure. I love how it highlights the fabric, and this combo is one of my favorites. Of my next four quilts, I think fully half of them will be using this fabric. I also branched out with my quilting and went on the diagonal this time. I'm happy with the results. All in all, one of my favorite quilts to date.This quilt, on the other hand, was much more of a learning process. I used a disappearing nine patch pattern, but the way I used it was not so error-friendly. I also didn't baste quite as I should have, so the quilting pulled the fabric, leading to some unintended wonkiness. Oh, well. I still like this quilt, but would use the pattern differently next time.The recipients haven't sent back either quilt, so hopefully they and the new little ones will enjoy them. Now onto the binding of two more quilts, maybe before Monday? And off to the doctor today for my pre-surgery appointment! Yea!