Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Quilt update

The quilt is continuing to make progress, though it's been fairly slow for the past little while. The only room in the house that had room to spread it all out for sandwiching was the upstairs bedroom, so all movable furniture was out and the quilt came in.Now, it's all ready for quilting as soon as I finish up my mommy jobs for the day. Yea!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

(Continuing) Progress

The bedspread continues to come along. The front only needs a blue border all the way around, and the piecing will be done. Hallelujah!The garden continues to produce as well. We picked all these tomatoes this morning.The zinnias are growing really well, considering I've done almost nothing to them this summer. I love volunteer plants :)Emily continues to make progress also. She said her first word last week, two days before hitting ten months. She loves her "Da-Da" and gets really excited when he comes home. She has also learned to move around, though I haven't seen her do it yet. So far, I've left her in one place several times and come back and she's moved halfway across the room. Sneaky little so-and-so. Lucky for her, she's super cute, so I think we'll keep her :)