Friday, November 18, 2011


So, imagine my surprise this morning as I was going through my Google Reader. I came across Sew & Tell Friday, expecting to see what Amy's been up to this week, and, um, it's my quilt! Major blushing! So here it is!
I made this for a sweet friend who is expecting her third baby next month. I'll be honest - when I started this project last winter, Adriane wasn't even pregnant yet. But, the joys of three small children, moving, and some major church commitments has meant that my sewing machine and I haven't exactly been close of late. So, this one came out of the WIP pile and turned into a finish just in time for her shower. Hurray!
I love this quilt. The first plus quilt I saw, ages ago, was this one by Arajane. I loved it, but the busyness of all the prints on top of each other was a little much for me. For mine, I used the white to break it all up. Happiness.

The quilting was very simple - echo quilting in the white pluses only. The pearl bracelet binding was a no-brainer.As was the lollilop tree backing.All in all, it's one of my favorite quilts yet.And now to stop blushing and get back to my next project - those urban lattices and Central Park!

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